About us

Whale Song Co. was created by two sisters based in Sydney who believe that kindness and compassion are key to helping solve many of society's problems, and that this starts with focussing on yourself. They decided to create a tool for this out of something which has been symbolic and important to them – a yoga mat, one made to align with their standards of earth loving and sustainability, and that gives back to the environment.


Mich (@bio.mish) is a marine researcher, delving into ocean issues such as the effects of microplastic pollution, and has explored the physiology of microalgae in changing oceans in the past (she really likes tiny things). In her travels she has come across pristine, healthy, thriving environments, which make it easy to compare to those affected by human action, and drive her to protect our ecosystems and be one of the change makers.

Sasha is a holistic art therapist, an accredited nutritionist, and a mum to two magical little beings. She is also is the founder/curator of Breathe Wellness events, always seeking to share her passion of living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. She feels that grounding into nature and reconnecting to our shamanic roots is vital for regaining our sanity.